Featured Members


Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick official headshot
Pennsylvania, 1st District Committees: Foreign Affairs, Transportation & Infrastructure “I learned early on during my time with the FBI the importance of working together toward a common goal. Since I first decided to run for Congress, I have been determined to break the gridlock in Washington that frustrates everyday Americans across our country. Working with No Labels and serving as the Vice-Chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus has put me in a unique position to positively impact the way we are able to legislate and find common ground. We must continue to work together to find solutions to the issues our nation is facing.  I’m proud to be fighting to fix our broken healthcare and immigration systems, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and repair the American people’s confidence that our leaders can work together to build a better country.”

Rep. Kurt Schrader

Schrader official headshot
Oregon, 5th District Committee: Energy & Commerce “As a founding member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, I am proud of the breadth of work we have accomplished as the only bipartisan working group in the House of Representatives. Now more than ever, it is encouraging to be a part of a group that is committed to getting to “yes” and putting country above party to do what is right for the American people.”

Rep. Thomas Suozzi

Suozzi official headshot
New York, 3rd District Committee: Ways and Means "As a mayor, county executive, and now Member of Congress I have always strived to work with anyone, regardless of party, to create results for the betterment of the American people. Our nation is more divided than ever and, as a result, nothing gets done. The Problem Solvers Caucus fosters a more bipartisan process in the House of Representatives. Its aim is to give the American people want they really want; a legislative body that addresses the very real problems our country faces with regards to climate change, immigration, healthcare, infrastructure, and a host of other important items.”

Rep. Fred Upton

Upton official headshot
Michigan, 6th District Committee: Energy & Commerce “The Problem Solvers Caucus -with Republicans and Democrats from across the country – represents hope for many who wish to see Congress act in a more respectful way that focuses on solutions and results rather than on winning partisan fights and mean-spirited debates. A vibrant democratic republic depends on vigorous discussion – but also recognizes the importance of compromise and coming together, and that’s what this group is all about.”


Rep. Abigail Spanberger

Abigail Spanberger
Democratic Whip Virginia, 7th District Committees: Foreign Affairs, Agriculture “During my time as a federal law enforcement agent and CIA case officer, I focused on gathering information to help government officials make the right decisions—not the most politically-expedient decisions. To truly address our country’s challenges—from the high cost of prescription drugs to the lack of reliable broadband internet in our rural communities, we need to encourage Democrats and Republicans to find common ground. And, if we want to begin the long process of fixing our broken healthcare and immigration systems, we can’t be afraid to gather ideas from our colleagues on the other side of the political spectrum. My colleagues in the Problem Solvers Caucus understand the need to remove partisan games out of important policy discussions, and I’m proud to be a Member of this Caucus and to serve as Co-Chair of its Drug Pricing Task Force.”


Rep. Mark Amodei

Nevada, 2nd District Committees: Appropriations “Issues are more important than talking points.”

Rep. Don Bacon

Bacon official photo
Nebraska, 2nd District Committees: Armed Services, Agriculture “My goal as a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus is to find areas of consensus with the other side of the aisle so we can make progress on the critical challenges facing our country. We need leaders in Congress who search for areas of agreement and not just where we disagree.”

Rep. Michael Bost

mike bost headshot
Illinois, 12th District Committees: Agriculture, Transportation, Veterans' Affairs

Rep. Anthony Brindisi

Brindisi official headshot
New York, 22nd District Committees: Veterans’ Affairs, Agriculture “The people of Upstate New York sent me to Congress to get things done. I’ll work with anyone to bring down prescription drug costs, rebuild our infrastructure, fight for our family farmers, and expand rural broadband. I don’t care what party someone is from, if you are willing to work, I will be at the table with my sleeves rolled up.”

Rep. Salud Carbajal

Carbajal Official Headshot
California, 24th District Committees: Transportation, Armed Services, Agriculture “There is more that unites than divides us, and no single party has a monopoly on good ideas. During my tenure as a Santa Barbara County Supervisor, I worked across the aisle in order to modernize our infrastructure and secure funding for children's health insurance. As a Member of Congress, I have championed bipartisan legislation on topics ranging from veteran's benefits to gun violence prevention. My constituents sent me to Washington to achieve real progress, and the Problem Solver Caucus allows me and my colleagues to break down party barriers and work together to achieve results on the issues facing our county at this critical time.”

Rep. Jim Costa

California, 16th District Committees: Foreign Affairs, Natural Resources, Agriculture  “We must cut through partisan rhetoric and divisiveness. Working together across the aisle is the only way we can work to pass legislation that benefits all Americans.”

Rep. Joe Cunningham

Cunningham official headshot
South Carolina, 1st District Committees: Natural Resources, Veterans' Affairs “When I was elected to Congress, I promised to put Lowcountry over party and break through the partisan dysfunction and gridlock. The serious issues we are facing, from our crumbling infrastructure to skyrocketing national debt, will only be solved if we come together to find common ground that moves America forward. I was sent to Congress to solve problems for the Lowcountry and I will continue to work across the aisle to do just that."

Rep. Debbie Dingell

Michigan, 12th District Committees: Energy & Commerce, Natural Resources “The American people are tired of the partisan bickering and gridlock that’s prevented Congress from addressing issues impacting hardworking men and women. Too often we retreat to our familiar corners to talk with people who think like us, unwilling to engage with those with different views. Our responsibility in Congress is larger than that. We made an obligation to deliver for those who sent us to Washington – that means working in a bipartisan manner. Unity – not division –makes our country strong. As a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, we work every day to bring members together and bridge the partisan divide.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher

Gallagher official headshot
Wisconsin, 8th District Committees: Armed Services, Transportation & Infrastructure “The American people deserve a government that works together. Our constituents didn’t elect us to sit around and argue on cable news, and despite this politically-charged environment, I’m committed to working with my colleagues to find areas of bipartisan agreement.”  

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez

Gonzalez headshot
Ohio, 16th District Committees: Financial Services, Science & Technology “Congress has a responsibility to the men and women of this country to come together in a bipartisan manner to solve our biggest challenges. That is why I am proud to be a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus and dedicated to working with my colleagues on new and innovative ideas that can move our country and our economy forward.”

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez

Gonzalez V official headshot
Texas, 15th District Committees: Financial Services, Foreign Affairs “In an era of divided government and divisiveness, it’s easy to think the challenges we face are insurmountable, dig your heels in, and retreat. But our constituents sent us here to deliver. I am proud to be a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus – a consortium of individuals who roll up their sleeves, push past partisanship, and get results for the American people. Bipartisanship isn’t always easy but it certainly isn’t impossible. This group proves that.”

Rep. Josh Gottheimer

New Jersey, 5th District Committee: Financial Services  "I am always honored to represent New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District. I will continue to work across party lines to find common ground and to get things done that are good for my District and for our country."

Rep. Josh Harder

California, 10th District Committees: Agriculture, Education “Getting things done for the people we represent is more important than party labels. I’m proud to be a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus and I look forward to working with my friends on both sides of the aisle to get results for the American people.”

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler

Herrera Beutler official headshot
Washington, 3rd District Committees: Appropriations, Joint Economic Committee "I’m proud to have successfully led solutions supported by both Republicans and Democrats that make life better for Americans. Whether it’s strengthening treatment access for medically complex kids of low-income families, spearheading the first congressional response to the maternal mortality crisis, or protecting our precious natural resources here in the Pacific Northwest, these are efforts that benefit all residents. Putting solutions and problem-solving first is what Southwest Washington expects of me."

Rep. Kendra Horn

Rep. Kendra Horn official portrait
Oklahoma, 5th District  Committees: Science & Technology, Armed Services “Solving the big challenges our nation faces requires bipartisan teamwork. The Problem Solvers Caucus is about finding common ground to make real progress on important issues from health care to education. We have more in common than divides us, and groups like this build a community of lawmakers interested in working together towards solutions” 

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan official photo
Pennsylvania, 6th District Committees: Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Small Business

Rep. Will Hurd

Hurd official headshot
Texas, 23rd District Committees: Appropriations, Intelligence “If there’s one thing I’ve learned traveling across the vast 23rd congressional district of Texas is that there is way more that unites us than divides us as a country.”

Rep. Dusty Johnson

Dusty Johnson headshot
South Dakota, At Large Committees: Agriculture, Education “Washington functions better when both sides work together on policies that will benefit the American people. I’m proud to be a part of a team focused on bridging divides rather than encouraging them.”

Rep. Bill Johnson

Johnson portrait
Ohio, 6th District Committees: Budget, Energy & Commerce “It’s tough enough to get important things done in Washington, but it’s even tougher if the two sides won’t even sit down to talk. The Problem Solvers Caucus affords us that opportunity. I’ll continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find common ground on policy areas where there’s general agreement, like the need to improve America’s infrastructure, addressing drug addiction, and creating more opportunities for Americans to pursue the American Dream.  Not everything needs to be viewed through a partisan lens, and I’ll keep working to move the ball forward for those I represent.”

Rep. David Joyce

Joyce Official Headshot
Ohio, 14th District Committee: Appropriations “Americans deserve a good-faith effort from their elected officials to drop the partisan bickering and work together to solve the challenges facing our nation. My colleagues and I on the Problem Solvers Caucus pride ourselves on leaving politics at the door and listening to our constituents. When we fairly evaluate ideas outside of our own ideology, we not only encourage effective lawmaking, we also ensure that when we do disagree, we can do so respectfully. Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, I think we can all agree that the current blue team versus red team mentality is preventing us from addressing our nation’s problems and the American people are paying the price. I am proud to be a part of this group of lawmakers who work across the aisle to prioritize the needs of their constituents.”

Rep. John Katko

Katko official headshot
New York, 24th District Committees: Homeland Security, Transportation & Infrastructure  “Since coming to Congress in 2015, I have always sought to work with my Democratic colleagues across the aisle. The Problem Solvers Caucus serves as a vehicle for Republicans and Democrats to craft impactful legislation addressing critical issues facing Americans across the country. For far too long, partisan gridlock in Congress has prevented elected officials from delivering legislative results and I am thrilled to work with members of the Problem Solves Caucus to create effective, bipartisan solutions.”

Rep. Susie Lee

Lee official headshot
Nevada, 3rd District Committee: Education, Veterans' Affairs “I ran for Congress because I knew that I could bring my approach to solving problems here in Nevada to Washington and work with anyone to get results for families. When I ran non-profits, I had to look at the problems facing our community and find a path forward regardless of who was a Democrat or Republican or non-partisan, which is why I’m proud to join the Problem Solvers Caucus. This Caucus is committed to finding common ground and creating common sense solutions to issues working families are facing every day.”

Rep. Dan Lipinski

Lipinski official headshot
Illinois, 3rd District Committees: Transportation, Science & Technology “Throughout my time in Congress I’ve focused on bringing people together to solve problems. That’s why numerous bipartisan bills that I authored have been passed into law, including legislation to boost American manufacturing, protect the environment, empower victims of sexual assault, spur American innovation, honor veterans, and safeguard consumers. It’s a privilege to work with my colleagues in the Problem Solvers Caucus as we continue to act to break the gridlock in Washington and get things done for the American people.”  

Rep. Elaine Luria

Luria official headshot
Virginia, 2nd District Committees: Armed Services, Veterans' Affairs “People in the Navy come from a variety of backgrounds and have different points of view, but we worked together to accomplish the mission at hand. I am proud to take that same approach to Congress, and that’s why I’m so glad to have joined the Problem Solvers Caucus – the title of our bipartisan group defines exactly what we were elected to do.”

Rep. Ben McAdams

Utah, 4th District Committees: Financial Services, Science & Technology “I was elected to Congress to work across the aisle and get things done on issues that matter to Utah families. Joining with a like-minded group of colleagues will help identify common ground and move forward with solutions.”

Rep. Dan Meuser

Rep. Dan Meuser official photo
Pennsylvania, 9th District Committees: Education, Veterans' Affairs, Budget 

Rep. Paul Mitchell

Rep. Paul Mitchell headshot
Michigan, 10th District Committees: Armed Services, Transportation and Infrastructure 

Rep. Stephanie Murphy

Rep. Stephanie Murphy
Florida, 7th District  Committees: Ways and Means “On issues like infrastructure, debt and deficit, health care, or election security, the Problem Solvers Caucus has a unique role in creating the bipartisan coalitions that can deliver results for working families. This is a group that’s focused on healing the deep partisan wounds that have prevented us from moving forward as a country. In a divided government, Problem Solvers will continue to reach across the aisle to get things done for the American people.”

Rep. Tom O’Halleran

O'Halleran official headshot
Arizona, 1st District Committees: Appropriations "I believe that neither political party has all the answers, and Congress owes it to the American people to thoroughly debate thoughtful proposals that will address the issues our constituents are facing. Partisan gridlock has prevented us from doing that. As a member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, I am committed to representing my constituents by working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and finding real solutions."

Rep. Jimmy Panetta

Panetta official headshot
California, 20th District Committees: Ways and Means, Budget, Agriculture “Long-term solutions do not necessarily come from just one person or party, but often require bipartisan collaboration. That’s how real, sustainable improvements can be made to our nation’s most pressing challenges.  This caucus provides that forum for Members from across the aisle to work together on solutions to the problems facing our country."

Rep. Scott Peters

Peters official headshot
California, 52nd District Committees: Energy & Commerce, Budget “It is an honor to represent the 52nd District of California, including Poway, Coronado, and large portions of the City of San Diego in Congress. As a member of House Energy & Commerce and Budget Committees, I understand that solutions to our nation’s biggest problems have to be bipartisan, in order to be sustaining for the long term. That’s why I’m committed to work with everyone to build consensus and get things done; and that’s always been my approach, when I served as an environmental attorney, as City Council President, as Port Commission Chairman, and now, in Congress.”

Rep. Dean Phillips

Phillips official headshot
Minnesota, 3rd District Committees: Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, Ethics “Too many in Congress and our country have retreated to corners, and it’s time to re-engage in conversation. That’s why I’m grateful to be a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, where we’re initiating debate, igniting optimism, and elevating the best ideas from both sides of the aisle.”

Rep. Tom Reed

New York, 23rd District  Committee: Ways and Means  "As the youngest of 12 raised by a single mother on a Social Security check and military death benefits after my father passed away when I was two, I learned that people work best when working together. That’s why I’m proud to co-chair the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus to solve some of the most divisive issues facing our country today. Our commitment to creating sound policy is propelled by our belief that it takes a little give and take to get things done. Obstruction is easy but getting to ‘yes’ through bipartisanship and listening is the people’s work."

Rep. Max Rose

Rose Official headshot
New York, 11th District​ Committees: Homeland Security, Veterans' Affairs “We need to rebuild the trust of the American people by actually getting stuff done to make their lives better. The only way we can truly do that is by working together and getting results on issues both big and small.”

Rep. Brad Schneider

Schneider official headshot
Illinois, 10st District Committees: Ways and Means, Small Business  “The American people want representatives who work across the aisle to make progress for our communities. The Problem Solvers Caucus brings together members willing to put solutions ahead of partisanship on the major issues we face, from lowering the cost of health care and rebuilding our infrastructure to making Congress more responsive and effective.”

Rep. Elissa Slotkin

Slotkin official headshot
Michigan, 8th District Committees: Armed Services, Homeland Security “Throughout my 14 years working in national security, no one ever asked if I was a Democrat or Republican –– because we were focused on the mission. I’m so proud to be part of the Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of lawmakers –– with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans –– who employ that same bipartisan, mission-focus by working together on legislation that matters to people’s families and to their pocketbooks. Our collective work on the Never Forget the Heroes Act to extend the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and restore full rights to victims is an example of just how powerful that cooperation can be, and I look forward to working on other important bills that put people before politics or party.”

Rep. Chris Smith

Chris Smith Official Photo
New Jersey, 4th District Committee: Foreign Affairs

Rep. Lloyd Smucker

Smucker official headshot
Pennsylvania, 11th District Committees: Education, Transportation & Infrastructure “In Congress, I want to work to ensure the American Dream stays alive – and thrives – so that everybody has the opportunity to improve their lives. Being a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus is one way I can help accomplish that goal. We have so many important issues our country must confront and I remain committed to rolling up my sleeves and working with this bipartisan group of lawmakers to focus on navigating our path forward.”

Rep. Darren Soto

Soto official headshot
Florida, 9th District Committees: Energy & Commerce, Natural Resources “I came to Congress to deliver results for our Central Florida constituents. Being a Member in the Problem Solvers Caucus helps me accomplish just that. We’ve already made significant changes to break the gridlock in Washington. We will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to move America forward!”

Rep. Pete Stauber

stauber official portrait
Minnesota, 8th District Committees: Small Business, Transportation “As Americans, our commonalities far outweigh our differences. We all want to see the cost of healthcare lowered, our crumbling infrastructure modernized, and our communities made safer. I am proud to work with my fellow members of the Problem Solvers Caucus to find commonsense solutions to the most pressing issues facing the nation.”

Rep. Bryan Steil

Rep. Bryan Steil
Wisconsin, 1st District  Committees: Financial Services  When I came to D.C. for new member orientation, there were two buses: one for Republicans and one for Democrats. Partisanship is too engrained in Washington. Congress needs to focus on achieving results for the American people and moving the country forward.

Rep. Van Taylor

Rep. Van Taylor
Texas, 3rd District Committees: Financial Services 

Rep. Xochitl Torres Small

Official Headshot_Rep. Torres Small
New Mexico, 2nd District Committees: Armed Services, Homeland Security, Agriculture

Rep. Steve Watkins

Watkins official headshot
Republican Whip​ Kansas, 2nd District Committees: Foreign Affairs, Education, Veterans' Affairs “I appreciate my colleagues in the Problem Solvers Caucus for putting people before party, cutting through the partisan gridlock to deliver results for the folks back home.”